“As Prommac prepares to move into new offices, it gives me great joy and excitement to talk about some of the development that has happened within the group over the past few months. Amidst the challenging economic climate with lower oil prices and a weak economic outlook, we have continued to grow.

2016 Has been a year of many firsts for Prommac, with our constant efforts to break into the mining space finally paying dividends as we were awarded our first shutdown contract in this sector with a large Blue Chip client, which was finished on time without any injuries.

Another first was the awarding of our first major construction project in a brownfields environment by Sasol group technology, as well as our first shutdown contract in the Vaal Triangle region. 2016 has also been the year in which we executed the largest shutdown in the group’s history and has also been the year in which we have recorded our lowest recordable case ratio in history at just 0.1 for Prommac and 0.0 for all other group companies.

2016 is also the year we landed a new client in Madagascar in which we will be supporting our first shutdown contract in this region and is also the year we opened our new offices in the Middle East.

I am also pleased to highlight the numerous awrds that we have been given this year starting with the C3 safety recognition, Ammonia shut down safety recognition, the Nitric Acid facility safety recognition and the operational Excellence award for the Ammonia projects to name just a few. These awards are testament to the team’s commitment and dedication towards delivering an injury free operation.”

– Jason English (CEO of Prommac)

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