IRIS Group. Camberley, UK. (19 June 2017)

IRIS Group, a leading provider of global robotics services and integrated solutions today announced a strategic partnership with PT. Bhinneka Dwi Persada in Indonesia, an experienced, established and very successful Engineering support organisation to the Indonesian MOD. The relationship has in fact already been in place and successfully operating for more than 18 months providing an interface and product delivery capability between European OEMs and the Indonesian Defence through the highly reputable PT. Bhinneka Dwi Persada.

 The announcement of this formal strategic partnership comes in the wake of several highly capable Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) being included in the PT. Bhinneka Dwi Persada inventory, and the two companies now looking to offer a wider range of service offerings to the Indonesian markets such as Security, Industrial Inspections and airborne Survey.

 Services that plan to be released in Indonesia in 2017 include Drone security services to cover small, medium and large aircraft capabilities with advanced sensors to increase detection time and reduce the cost for security work and industrial Inspections, from cranes to offshore, to anywhere a person has traditionally been used to conduct inspections, where safety and risk is always a concern which the use of proven and reliable drones now reduces significantly.

 IRIS Group is privately owned and offers the expert provision of managed solutions using robotics, with a primary focus on unmanned air systems (UAS). The Group is a collective alliance of comprehensive UAS industry knowledge, technical and operating expertise enhanced by data analysis specialists, and backed by an international group of engineering businesses servicing multinational companies throughout EMEA. IRIS Group has offices in Camberley, UK and Bergen, Norway with partners in Dubai and South Africa. 

 PT Bhinneka Dwi Persada was established in 2002 as a trading company involved with representations and distribution. At the beginning of 2015 the company underwent a transformation to become an engineering based organisation with Trace approval bringing global engineering expertise into Indonesia.  By incorporating experienced Aerospace engineers from the Aviation Industry, it has allowed Persada to offer complete design, manufacture and qualification of defence and commercial products.

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