The Executive team at CG Holdings group is pleased to announce that as of January 2018, Kumunyack (Pty) Ltd will now be trading as EC&I Services (Pty) Ltd (Electrical, Control & Instrumentation).

As a well-recognised term in the industry, EC&I’s new name and branding will aid the company in strategically marketing its services to clients. Having outgrown its former name and branding, the EC&I leadership team feel that this strategic change better reflects the company’s service offerings and prepares the company for future growth.

EC&I performs a variety of services, to mention a few:

• Installation of Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear, Transformers, Motor Control Centres, Distribution Boards and UPS Systems.

• Installation of DCS, PLC Control Systems and Marshalling Equipment.

• Supply and Installation of Ladder Rack, Cable Tray, Trunking, Conduit and all types of Cable Containment Systems.

• Supply and Installation of Lighting and Small Power Systems.

• Supply and Installation and Termination of Medium and Low Voltage Power Cables.

• Supply and Installation of Process, Analyser and Instrument Air Stainless Steel Tubing.

• Quality Control and Certificates of Compliance,

• Construction and Project Management.

• Shutdowns and Maintenance Services

EC&I Services can perform both minor and large-scale electrical and instrumentation installations and has undertaken major projects through the resources now employed within the EC&I operations.

EC&I’s modern look and feel also speaks to the corporate image of the greater group of companies, who are on the forefront of innovation and industry leadership in their various fields.

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