Have you ever thought around the likelihood of achieving an incident and accident-free shutdown on over 600 pieces of equipment?

Have you gauged the possibility of executing over 20 000 activities on a demanding Unit, within the time frame allocated by the client?

WE DID… AND this is our story…

“Gents, let’s get these Channel Heads off, we need to move the crane to the Western side of the Exchanger, strip the Domes and get this rig out of here! The truck is on the way and these components have to move…LET’S GO, LET’S GO!”

This was the tone repeatedly resonating through the corridors of the Monomers plants throughout the September Shutdown campaign.

The Shutdown, now come and gone, (not faster than we stripped those Heat Exchangers by the way), was a great success story and a major learning for most of the workforces involved.

Executing work on over 600 pieces of Equipment would prove to be a mammoth task, with challenges arising from all directions. The normal shutdown encounters were upon us, but as Monomers customarily does, there were some curve balls thrown at us as a team. Not the type of curve balls you saw coming, I might add. That being said, the shutdown turned out to be a success, with no injuries occurring during the entire duration and beyond.

One of the greatest highlights for us as a Prommac team – was the chance to give some new faces their opportunity to shine. With it being a Total shutdown, resources were scarce, creating the need to advance long-serving Fitters and Foremen to a level higher for this campaign.

This brought about its own challenges, but the rewards far outweighed the contests. Seeing their faces beaming with joy, witnessing approximately fifteen newly promoted employees full of energy and confidence to prove themselves, knowing that not only Prommac but the prospect of a Total shutdown at Monomers could change the lives of these individuals – was more satisfying than most experiences I had ever been through.

The vibe during the shutdown was one of Unison, Team work, Inseparability, being your Brother’s keeper was a culture which carried throughout the duration of the shutdown; and the “I AM” theme was flowing through the blood of every single person who had the privilege of being part of the success on the Monomers 2018 Total Shutdown.

I guess the only question is – what more could one ask for?

Perhaps – to do it all over again from the start? I’m not so sure about that…(It was a toughie!!!)

One thing’s for sure, I would give anything to have a line-up like that Monomers squad backing us on the next job!

It is a winning formula and was evident in the final result.


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