To be a world class industrial and event services group and the recognised industry leader in our chosen market segments


We believe that group values provide a two-fold purpose for every single employee: as a foundation to guide and empower sensible decision making; and as a benchmark against which actions can be assessed.

Safety – we are responsible for the safety of our colleagues and all those who make use of our services and equipment
Client First – we build long term relationships through on-time delivery of quality work, responsiveness and innovation
Ownership – we all share the responsibilities and rewards of ownership and are accountable to our colleagues for our individual contributions
Integrity – we say what we mean (transparency) and mean what we say (honesty)
Our People – we value and nurture people who demonstrate commitment, energy and competence


Maurice the Meerkat is the CG Holdings safety mascot, first adopted by Prommac.

Meerkats live in family groups called mobs, gangs or clans and when a clan is large in number it is often referred to as a super-family, much like the CG Holdings family. Meerkats forage for food in the wild and while the family forages, one or more meerkats stand guard for danger. A family never forages without one guard on the lookout to protect the others. These guards are referred to as sentries.

In the CG Holdings context, our employees on site are like meerkats foraging in the fields for food, while our safety officers and our safety systems are the sentries, always keeping watch over the family members to ensure no harm comes to them.